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Minit Money was created by Africans, for Africans, to help them support their loved ones back home. We recognize the challenges life poses for people who have started life in another country, and how important the emotional ties are back to the homeland,

Supported Countries

Minit money focuses on serving a niche market to help us focus on delivering the best services to users. 

Supported Corridors_Minit Corridors

Supported Countries

Minit money focuses on serving a niche market to help us focus on delivering the best services to users. 

Available Payment Options

Our payment partners follow the highest security standards to ensure your payments are safe and sound at all times with no extra charges.



255,000 Reviews



198,000 Reviews


What our users have to say

We hold our user's feedback at the highest regard as we aim to serve and achieve a collectively tailored user experience.

Adentunji Otomola

"I am glad to say that the Minit Money app makes it very easy to send money to Nigeria. It is fast, efficient and reliable, and indeed stress-free. I am very happy to recommend it with confidence and conviction. "

Faith Rasheed

"Minit Money is an app that makes it easy for you to send money from your South African bank account to your loved one in Nigeria, it is easy and fast. Minit Money is changing my life."

Oleyami Adekunle

"What a great experience for me with Minit Money. The professionalism is second to none, very reliable, efficient, fast, easy and friendly platform to use, with the level of professionalism put in practice without any iota of doubt, sky is just the starting up."

Daniel Okon

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    Get Started

    Minit Money is easy to use, follow the these steps to get started.

    Sign Up

    Sign up with your mobile number and ID or passport.

    Add Beneficiary

    Add a beneficiary with their correct details and desired payout method Cash collection, Bank & Mobile money accounts


    Send to beneficiaries in Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya & more.


    Frequently Asked Questions !!

    Minit Money is a mobile app that enables users to send money from South Africa to several African countries in minutes. There is a simple registration process that only requires a picture of your identity document. Minit Money is available to anyone with a smart phone (iPhone or Android operating systems).

    1. A valid mobile number 
    2. Accepted valid ID document: 
    • Passport
    • Driving Licence
    • National ID card
    • SA Green ID Book
    • Voters ID

    It costs R50 per send, no matter how much you are sending. minit money offers an excellent exchange rate (updated every few minutes based on market rates).

    • Flat Fee + Reasonable Rate

    • Cameroon
    • Benin
    • Ghana
    • Ivory Coast
    • Kenya
    • Senegal
    • Nigeria
    • Uganda
    • Minit Money is easy to use and sending money to your loved ones back home only takes minutes.
    Minit Money has:
    • Quickest send time in the market (within minutes)
    • Excellent exchange rate
    • Competitive sending fee
    • Load(pay-in) available at over 50 000 retailers in South Africa
    • In-app load available from the major South African banks
    • Paperless process
    • Simple to use
    • Support / call centre available on 0860 766 960 and email

    Have any Questions?

    We are always trying to make your experience of our services simpler. Here are some “How to” videos to help you. How to sign up, How to verify & How to send money in-store.

    Contact Us for Support

    we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service that meets the needs of our clients. So if you're in need of assistance, don't hesitate to contact us for support. Our experts are standing by and ready to help!