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How do I increase my limits? (If Level 2 )

On Home Screen
  • Click on the bottom of your screen “Settings” 

On Settings Screen

  • Click “Profile Details” 

On Profile Details Screen
  •  Click “Increase”

On Verification Screen

  • Select Country
  • Select Document Type

Supported Document types

  • Driving Licence
  • Identity Card/ID
  • Voters ID
  • Passport

You are required to upload requested photos for the selected Document type & a picture of your face to validate the verification process

  • Front picture of the document 
  • Back picture of the document
  • A Selfie ( picture of your face)
  • After the pictures have been uploaded click “Verify”

Once your pictures are uploaded for verification your profile limits will be increased from LEVEL2 (R3 000 daily limit -R10 000 monthly limit ) to LEVEL 3 (R5 000 daily limit -R25 000 monthly limit )