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About Us


About Us

Minit Money is a South African company that helps Africans living in South Africa support their loved ones back home. Minit Money is an easy-to-use remittance app that makes sending money home easy, safe and affordable.

Established in 2019, Minit Money operates in 8 corridors, including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin and Mali, with more coming soon. We offer great rates and exceptionally quick service, once a transaction has been initiated, money is available in the recipient's bank account or mobile money wallet in minutes.

The Minit Money app is designed to make remittance easy – empowering the community to remit without needing to go to a branch, a bank or being dependent on an agent. The app is easy to use and allows users to send money home from retail stores in South Africa or directly from their SA bank account. The service is accessible to anyone with a smartphone, anywhere in the country. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store or on the App Store.

The Minit Money team understands that remittances form an integral part of a community. Many people would struggle to make ends meet without the support of loved ones. Remittances help families stay together and connected, even when they are apart.

Minit Money is developed by leading South African blockchain and payment organization, Centbee. Centbee, established in 2016, is based in Johannesburg and is comprised of individuals who value honesty, commitment, respect, and professionalism.

Board Of Directors

Lorien Gamaroff

 As South Africa’s foremost payments expert, Lorien has been invited around the world to speak on digital currencies and distributed ledgers and their benefits for emerging economies. and their implications.

Co-founder & ceo

Angus Brown

Angus was the Founder, and later CEO of eBucks. He led the development of the internet banking platform, and later managed the entire business (Loyalty programme, eCommerce and Internet Banking). 

Co-founder & ceo

Alex Fauvel

Problem-solving, coupled with an ability to understand complex systems, are his strongest attributes that allows him to come up with creative yet realistic ideas. 


Paul Rajchgod

Paul is the Managing Director of Private Equity at Ayre Group and works with enterprises that are building their businesses with Bitcoin (BSV) at the core. Prior to joining Ayre Group.


Our Team

Errol Campbell


Teboho Mofokeng

Customer Support

Katleho Mofokeng

Customer Support

Kagiso Ntshingila

UI/UX Designer

Quintin Botes