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How to send money from bank acc?

It is easy to send money directly from the minit money app using your South African bank account.

  • minit money supports the following South African banks: – FNB, ABSA, NedBank, Standard Bank, Capitec, TYME Bank, Investec, African Bank
Follow these easy steps to send money using your bank account:
  • Select your Beneficiary 
  • Enter the amount you would like to send
  • Select the ‘bank account’ payment type and accept the quote
  • Select your bank
  • You will then be connected to your bank’s mini-site to provide your username and password.
    minitmoney does not record this data, so you can securely log into your bank account and select the account to be debited
  • Your bank may then request confirmation from your banking app or you will be required to enter an OTP from your bank
  • You will be returned to the minitmoney app once you have completed the process
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